• Mobile Welding Soot Purifier
  • Portable Welding Fume Purifier
  • Compact Dust Collector
  • Pulse Bag Dust Collector
  • Explosion-Proof Dust Collector
  • Tubular Wet Electrostatic Dust Collector
  • Super Gravity Wet Dust Collector
  • The Overall Plant Ventilation Dust Control System
  • Distributed Environmental Control System For High Smoke And Dust Space
  • Applicable Industries
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)
  • Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer (RCO)
  • Applicable Industries
  • Catalytic Oxidizer (CO)
  • 防砂过滤器
  • Sand Control Filter
  • 消声器
  • Oil Mist Purification Series
  • Fume Treatment Series
  • Organic Waste Gas Treatment Series
  • Process ventilation air conditioning series
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    Since its establishment in 1994, Dalian MEGAUNITY Environmental Solutions Co., Ltd. has been dedicating to providing customers with system services such as design, equipment manufacturing, project construction, operation, and maintenance, as well as diversified professional technologies of Air Purification System Solution of Industrial Workshop. MEGAUNITY is in the leading position in terms of electromechanics, oil...

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  • Best Employer
  • Accepted external audit & supervision to improve system operation management
  • Reform of non-tradable shares completed in 2016
  • Good news!
  • Make progress, keep improving, and win a new era
  • Happiness comes from struggling and striving!
  • Create technological competitiveness and new development momentum
  • Code for design of heating, ventilation and air conditioning for welding plant (JGJ 353-2017)
  • Win-Win Cooperation
  • Organizational Change Conference
  • Congratulations on the Company's being awarded
  • Report on 2017 Strategic Implementation Planning Meeting
  • Pursuing growth and development, always on the road!
  • New Year's New Journey - Words for MEGAUNITY People
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